Buying gifts for your best friend is very personal. That is the only person who knows all your secrets, shared embarrassing moments, that gives you strength and knows your weak side. You know what they will love, and what will make them make a fake smile.

Even if you know what your best friend might like as a gift, sometimes you just want to give them something unique. And that is when shop searching and researching start. To make that pressure goes away, we have prepared an ultimate best friend guide. We have covered it all – from engraved necklaces to the interior details. You will see some modern, interesting and very creative gifts that will undoubtedly make your bestie smile!

Taking Notes with Style

If your friend is always late and not keeping her life organized, then it is a perfect time to give her a beautiful planner or notebook. This will also keep her motivated for her projects. Your best friend will know how to esteem that you are showing some support this way.

Two-Pieced Best Friend Necklace

This is one of those gifts that will last forever. Two-pieced necklace with the best friend engraved on both sides is something that is interesting, creative and very personal. If you were thinking about buying a piece of jewelry to your best friend, then there is no better option than this necklace.

Scented Candles for Relaxed Nights

Who doesn’t love scented candles? In wintertime, they give you the vibe of coziness and warmth. So, why don’t considering it as your best friend gift? She will find great use of it – light it when hanging out together. Nothing can be more healing than a glass of wine and a chat with your friend.

Modern Bag to Compliment Her Style

amigo circle bag – punch

Small, cute bags that will make your friend a fabulous fashionista are an excellent choice for gifting. Choose the colors that you know she doesn’t have in her wardrobe. Go with light blue, lilac or chic nude – trendy colors for summer will surely make her smile when she opens the packaging.

Personalised Bracelets

Even if the bracelet has some simple note like I love you, you will make your point by buying your best friend a gift like that. She will be surprised how nicely you choose the gift for her. These kinds of bracelets are beautiful. The pinkish color will make your friend smile, while the engraved note will always remind her of you.

Phone Case

Every modern and teen girl needs a trendy and unique phone case. It can be one-toned or colored, but most of all, it should match with your bestie’s style (and phone!). Our suggestion is to find something that will shine, sparkle and make your bestie the main attraction of your crew.

Beauty Sleep Set

Who doesn’t love soft and silky jammies? Having a good beauty sleep for you and your friend is very important. You can’t give her the few extra hours of sleeping, but you can gift her cozy pj’s and silky eye mask to help her have a better rest.

Fashion Book

For a stylish girl, there is nothing better than a good book about fashion. You can even read it a few times if you like, as long as it inspires you. Giving your trendy bestie a fashion book as a gift is practical and can be interesting – borrowing it from her is the must!

Instant Camera

All new kids have Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, but retro gifts are always in style! Instax camera looks super cute, it comes in many colors, and it can be perfect for keeping your shared memories on the paper, instead of keeping it on your phones.

Matching Cups

Matching Cups

Moments with your best friend are irreplaceable. Drinking tea or coffee together can be more fun if you have matching cups. So, you know what to do. Next time you need to buy your bestie a gift, think about your future coffee moments on the balcony.

Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf

The silk scarf is a lovely accessory that is eternal. It always adds a bit of spice to your everyday outfits. It can be animal printed or one-toned – no matter. Your friend will wear it for years. So, interesting and practical!


Rose Headphones

If your friend is a music lover, then there is no better way to surprise her than with fancy and interesting headphones. Our suggestion is to go with some bright color. Pink for instead will make her stand out from the crowd!

Which of these gifts would you present to your friend? Did we miss something? If you have some ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

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