This situation is probably known to you – there are a few necklaces, rings and bracelets, lying around your room or in the jewelry box, becoming more and duller and tarnished. And instead of taking these pieces out and take them to the jeweler, you quit and forget about even having them. There lies the problem. You shouldn’t treat your jewelry that way. The easy DIY jewelry cleaning is actually a great chance to have fun while doing something good. The best part about this is that you probably have all the things that you need for cleaning. They are part of your kitchen inventory.

Note to yourself – if you have the jewelry pieces that are very important to you, or you are not sure how to clean them, it is the best to take them to the professional. Here are some of the easy DIY jewelry cleaning.

Dish Soap, Baking Soda, Salt and Water

For this method, you will need a bowl and the aluminum foil inside it. Make sure it covers the bottom of a bowl, so you can pour over the cleaning mix. Prepare one tablespoon of salt, baking soda, dish soap, and warm water. Inside the cup of warm water, mix everything and then pour it into the bowl, where you have prepared the jewelry pieces that you want to clean. Let that stay for about 10 minutes.

The second part of this method includes cleaning with the toothbrush. It really gets into the small parts and nooks of your jewelry so you can be sure it is completely clean. However, be careful when using the toothbrush. You should definitely opt for some that are softer and delicate. This method is perfect for cleaning diamonds, and platinum, but it is not recommended for gold, silver or pearls.

Bowling Water, Aluminium Foil, and Baking Soda

This is probably the most common and the most used easy DIY jewelry cleaning method. With these products, you can clean not only your jewelry but also your household items – forks, knives and all other shiny stuff that you have. Pour the water into the large pot. Add a piece of aluminum foil, crumble it and wait until the water is boiled. All that you have to do now is to put inside the silver things you want to make shiny again. In the end, just wipe the excess tarnish with the cotton cloth.

Beer and Ketchup Cleaning

As I have already mentioned, these easy cleaning is good because all the products that you need are within your reach! For this method, you will need ketchup (it proves it is not only good in your hamburger), and a beer! Beer is considered to be perfect for gold while the ketchup cleans silver amazingly good. All you need to do is to put in your bracelet inside the bowl where you pour the ketchup before and leave it for 10 minutes. Then wash it with dish soap and a toothbrush. You can try the same with beer – leave it in the glass for some time and wipe the residue with a cotton cloth.

Toothpaste Cleaning

If you have jewelry items which are not made of silver or gold, like this necklace, then the toothpaste cleaning is a perfect cleaning solution. You can clean the bag chains, rings, and bracelets, and make them shiny again. For this method, you will need a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste. Be careful though – different kinds of toothpaste can leave scratches on your jewelry. They are highly abrasive, and that is why it is not recommended to use them on silver or any other softer stones.

Ammonia, Dish Soap, and Warm Water

This mixture works perfectly for cleaning your diamond rings, as well as rubies, sapphires and other hard stones. All you will need for this method are two bowls with (preferably) warm water, a little bit of clean ammonia and dish soap. Pour the small amount of ammonia into the warm water, and then add dish soap. You can leave your diamond ring or bracelet inside for a few minutes, or you can clean it right away. Use the gentle toothbrush and make sure to clean all the dirt, especially on the inside of the ring.

However, this mix is not recommended for softer stones – emerald, opals, and pearls should be cleaned with hot water and dish soap only.

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