When it comes to summertime and fashion less is definitely better than more. You should definitely surround yourself with statement items that you will wear all summer long. The hot weather does require light materials and even lighter makeup, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stay chic and stylish, right? That is why we have prepared a list of items that every fashion girl should have for summer 2018. Some of these trends are pastels, mules or statement jewelry. Grab your notebook, take a seat and check out how to look fresh and fashionable with a minimum effort.

Powerful Pastels


Pastels took a throne in the fashion world, and they are not supposed to go anywhere for some time now. Lilac, blush pink, green, and baby blue took the hearts of many fashionistas out there. Wearing pastels was predicted as a big summer trend and guess what – it actually already is! You will look super stylish if you decide to buy some of these power pastel shades. Whether it is a top, blouse, dress or pants don’t worry – you will look amazing, and all the others will turn their heads to see your outfit combinations.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses



Retro sunglasses are one of the items that made a huge comeback along with other the ‘80s and ‘90s accessories and staples. Girls went crazy about them. And that is no surprise. They look absolutely sexy, gorgeous and they give your outfits that chic vintage vibe. And you can never go wrong with retro vibes, trust me. My suggestion is to go with black or red cat-eye sunglasses.

Statement Jewelry


For all chic girls in the world, statement jewelry means one perfect bracelet, few stacked necklaces, and few interesting rings. Do you agree? When it comes to summer accessories, I vote for a color splash! You should opt for silver or gold pieces that have vivid rock details. In that way, you will assure your outfits as head turners, and you will have a piece of jewelry that you can wear all the time. I fell in love with these colorful tibetan crystal charm bracelets. They are perfect for summer! It is on you to choose the color of the rocks!

Minimalistic Watch


If you were following French girls, then you probably know some of their rules for being super stylish and chic. One of them is owning a minimalistic watch that works perfectly with any outfit, and that can be worn for any occasion. You should choose simple but elegant models that will make a statement. My suggestion is to go with gold or silver watch. They are timeless, chic and very sophisticated looking. From casual summer dresses with ruffles to more elegant little black dresses, these kinds of minimalistic watches won’t disappoint you.

Floral Dress


Florals for spring? Groundbreaking! For all fashion lovers, this phrase is more than known. If you watched the movie Devil wears Prada, then you are familiar too. However, floral dresses are prognosed as a huge spring/summer trend this year. You should choose those dresses that have vintage and retro floral print, rather overdo it with anything else. When it comes to material, my suggestion is to go with lightweight ones like silk, linen or organic cotton.

Trendy Mules


Mules are probably the most comfortable shoes for summer. Since their re-appearance last year they haven’t stopped to be one of the most trendy shoes that every fashion girl owns. And that is why you should definitely try them! They work perfectly with skirts, dresses or wide leg pants. You can choose between closed and peep-toe mules. Whether you pick, you definitely won’t make a mistake.

Belt Bags


Belt trends change, but some things should stay forever. One of them is lovely and stylish belt bag. It came back through the big door last year as one of the ‘90s trends. Funny pack, as many people know it, was the main obsession of fashionistas around the world. You can style it with summer staples – striped skirts, white button-downs and floral dresses. They are very practical as well. You won’t need to worry about where to put your bag while dancing. It will be with you all the time, without bothering you!

This was the list of items that every fashion girl should have for summer 2018. As you could see, these pieces are all simple, casual but they will make a statement. You will look chic with a minimal effort and without hours spend in front of your mirror. Which of these items are your favorites?

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