We all love jewelry and keeping up with the latest fashion trends is a must. Each season has its own color schemes and shapes. The materials also coincide with the seasons and can range from metals, plastics, crystals and gemstones. Jewelry designers create these wearable pieces of art by drawing inspiration from a variety of sources.

With geometrical shapes, gemstones and precious metals jewelry designers can make amazing pieces. These designers have their own style and have collections made of quality materials that can be worn for years to come. Many have studied gemology, have professional degrees and a natural gift for designing.

Every year new jewelry designers are discovered and introduced to the public. Their innovative ideas keep the industry vibrant and beautify your wardrobe. If you enjoy wearing jewelry and keeping up with the latest trends, here are the jewelry designers that you need to know:

Nadine Ghosn

Nadine Ghosn is the founder and creative director of Nadine Ghosn fine jewelry. She was the junior manager at Hermes and an associate at The Boston Consulting Group. She also received her bachelor’s degree in economics and art practice from Stanford University.

Nadine creates food-inspired jewelry designs with brightly colored crystals and metals. Her crystal encrusted rings are shaped like fully stacked hamburgers, buns, pieces of sushi and wasabi sauce. Her ear designs are intricate with earrings taking the form of earphones and soy sauce dripped ear cuffs.

She makes charms influenced by Japanese food that take the form of plum onigiri, Ikura and tuna sushi. Some of her food designs are shaped like small plates and include chopsticks and rice. She also incorporates shrimp, edamame, darum and matcha in her charms. Her pieces can be found in Greenwich Village, and Soho in New York City and have been worn by Beyoncé and Karl Lagerfeld.

Sarah Hendler

Sarah Hendler makes handcrafted jewelry with 18-karat gold and gemstones. She grew up on Long Island’s Gold Coast where she fell in love with her grandmother’s collection of gemstones. Her spear and starburst ball collections are named after her two grandmothers, Ethel and Shirley.

Sarah’s spear earrings are shaped with many types of gemstones, including rubellite, peridot, sapphire and diamond. Her short pave diamond drops, Shirley single drops and one-of-kind Shirley earrings have exquisitely cut gemstones. These hand carved golden drops are hand painted and encrusted with pave diamonds.

The Ethel rings are formed with star set gemstones and her signature dowel band with enamel channels. These rings come in blue topaz, rhodolite garnet and amethyst gemstones. They also come with diamonds and tourmaline stones. The bands are handcrafted and available in assorted colors. Madonna and Ruth Negga are fans of her spear earrings and antique-inspired jewelry.

Julie Nielsdottor

Instagram was the launching pad for the Julie Nielsdottor jewelry brand in 2015. Her designs are crafted with freshwater pearls, gold and precious gemstones. She creates drop earrings, hoops and studs shaped with freshwater pearls and 22 karat gold. Each piece is impeccably designed with pastel pinks, blues and crème colors.

The simple letter amulet can be made with silver, gold plated materials, or 18 karats yellow and white gold. Her rings contain generously sized luminous gemstones in gold settings too. Her delicate designs deliver a feminine touch to your look and wardrobe.

Brent Neale

Brent Neale’s jewelry designs are influenced by the elements of nature, and the – of the late 60s and 70s. She is from Baltimore and lives in New York City. She graduated from John Hopkins University and received an associate degree in jewelry design from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Her career in jewelry began at Kara Ross where she worked her way up the ranks to become the jewelry director.

Her rain collection is filled with vivacious gemstones and precious metals. Opal, pink tourmaline, citrine, amethyst and blue topaz are finely crafted to design her original rainbow ring. She also used diamonds and 18 karat gold to make the cloud ring.

The foundation of the double wildflower bee ring contains genuine turquoise and dainty diamonds. Her earrings contain tiered cut gemstones, gold tassels and solid gold settings. The bracelets that she creates have luminous crystals with 18 gold chain links.

Karma El Khalil

Karma El Khalil went to Tuft University in Boston and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She also attended GIA where she earned degrees in gemology, jewelry design and manufacturing. Her jewelry recreates natural geometric shapes and forms found in gemstones. In her 2018 collections, Karma includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings with handcrafted gemstones and pure metals.

The LINEA collection is filled with citrine, diamond, moonstone and blue topaz in yellow and white gold settings. The Rock Hall II and III collections contain rings, necklaces and earrings with larger gemstones. These pieces take on a natural form and are set in white and yellow gold as well. Her cast of the withering light collection contains ear cuffs made of rose gold and simply cut diamond-encrusted earrings.

Karma’s cufflinks have diamond details, and her necklaces are made with 18 karats rose and white gold. Her pieces have been worn by Angelino Jolie, Madonna, Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson.

Laura Lombardi

Laura Lombardi draws her inspiration from the vibrancy of New York, and the classic art of Italy. The composition of both elements gives her jewelry a unique aesthetic. She uses various metals to make designs that pop and provide the wearer with exceptional style. Her earrings consist of small loops and hoops that match any outfit.

Her designs are bold enough to wear during a night on the town and offer a simplicity that conforms to day. Laura’s necklaces and bracelets contain large links and shapes that make a daring statement. She uses basic shapes and designs with elegance and finesse. These pieces can be worn dressed up or used to adorn your casual outfits.


The self-taught Puerto Rican native Luiny makes contemporary metal jewelry designs. Her creations are made with natural materials that include wood beads, gemstones and metal. The earrings she makes contain black agate, malachite, amethyst and coral. They have sterling silver posts and an 18-gram silver wire base. She also uses brass and recyclable materials in her designs.

Luiny uses crystal quartz, abalone and tiger eye when creating her earrings too. She incorporates wavy silhouettes and combines strong forms to construct her designs. She hand carves the molds for her hair pieces and brooches to create lucid shapes to complement your look. Her path and orbit rings are adjustable and can be worn on any finger.

Alta Ora

Alta Ora brings the Brasilia’s architecture into your designs. She uses metals to create her spirally, asymmetrical designs, and her pieces can be mixed matched. They are also versatile and can be worn in two ways. Her jewelry is simplistic, clean and made to be worn at anytime during the day or night.

These jewelry designers are the latest visionaries to come onto the fashion scene. They can all hold their own and have rare techniques that make them unique. With various backgrounds, each designer uses gemstones, metals and natural materials in their own way. Their creativity is unparalleled, and they cannot be compared to one another.



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