When you think about jewelry, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it diamond necklace or sparkly bracelet? Or you would instead go with something more casual like wooden pieces of jewelry? Jewelry made of different types of wood might be underestimated, but you have to trust me on this – it looks awesome when you combine it with summer staples.

History tells us that even from the earliest years men were trying to make new forms of wood. That turns out quite good for the fashion world because since wooden jewelry came on the scene, it has been viral among stylish and modern women. If you are asking why you should wear wood instead of gold or silver, I will surely show you why. The design of wooden accessories are various, and you can find something that will suit you and be complemented with your style. Wood made in combination with other metals like gold or silver can look perfect in combination with your everyday outfits – whether you choose to wear it to work or as an elegant piece of jewelry, you will draw a lot of amazed views.

In this post, we will check out how you can combine and wear wooden jewelry and which are the essential accessories that you need to have.

Wooden Necklaces


The heart-shaped wooden necklace will be a perfect jewelry choice for your everyday attire. If you prefer geometric shapes and minimalistic design, this necklace can be a great pick. Natural wood and two shades of pink will make your outfits look romantic and modern.


A grey and beige geometric necklace looks absolutely fantastic! It is minimalistic and very modern. If you are a fan of this kind of design, then you should opt for something like this. You can wear it with jeans – denim button-downs, denim jackets or any other summer material. Lightweight summer tops will be a fantastic choice.

Wooden Watches


Bamboo watches are must have when it comes to wooden jewelry and accessory. This kind of watch will be an extraordinary addition to your everyday fashion choices. It is made of a natural bamboo tree, with the brown leather belt. Black clock hands are simple, yet very eye-catching. If you are searching for a watch that you will wear for years and not feel dull – then this is a right choice for you.


If you prefer to add some more interesting detail to your daily outfits, then this is great wooden watch for you. It has nature-inspired carved detail inside the circle part. You can choose between motifs, but you should know that they are all animal- inspired (wolf, deer or buck). The belt is made of genuine leather. If you are thinking about your best friend’s gift – don’t think anymore. This can be a perfect present.

Wooden Bracelets


Bracelets became key pieces of my outfits. I love shiny ones, but for summertime, I love to combine my flowy dresses and jumpsuits with wooden bracelets. The best ones are those that are mixed with rocks. You should definitely opt for vivid colors and smaller stones. Making a statement was never easier!


Three-colored bracelets look very modern and minimalistic. These wooden bracelets are part of popular color block style that many fashion girls adore. However, you should opt for neutral, earth tone colors. Turquoise, white and black are perfect and they work perfectly with any other shade. Safari dresses, platform heels, and wooden bracelets seem like a perfect combination for me. What do you think?

Wooden Rings


Wooden rings are made in many forms. Most of all that is their charm. There are different varieties that you can choose – from minimalistic to massive and statement-maker rings. The choice is on you. Combining wooden rings is easy. They can match with any other material like gold or silver. On the other hand, you can always pair them with other pieces that are made of wood.


Jewelry can be a real piece of art. When you look at this ring you can see two parts of it. The first one is made of wood while the second, dome part is made of transparent stone with an amazing motifs inside – flowers, colors and different shapes.


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